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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bee grew up surrounded by music since her early age. Engineer by day, DJ/Musician by night, shefs an autodidact who grew an interest for technology, art and sound.

Her early projects started as a guitarist and bassist in many Alternative Rock Bands. Meanwhile her love for electronic music was growing beyond listening to records and improvising with percussion phrases over them.

It wasnft until she moved to France in 2004, that she started DJing by visiting many House genres ranging from deep house to more techy and tribal beats. gI always believed in the fusion of genres, a music with no boundaries, that brings rich and interesting tones to the earsh.

She hosted many house music showcases on Paris-One Reverse, a French based webradio as well as being invited on punctual events as a Guest DJ on fellow friendsf radio shows on Friskyradio.

Today, as a FriskyRadio DJ, she presents melodic and harmonic projects with well build up progressions and interesting grooves.

With her acoustic approach to music, Bee kept on recording, mostly oriental influenced tracks. However, she knows the importance of Production in a DJfs career and aims at releasing some of her work in the upcoming year.

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