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theSUC is proud to present the opening of it's EXCLUSIVE GUEST MIX section with the Middle Easts finest DJs.

This section will be updated monthly with exclusive sets recorded by local and international DJs that love theSUC.



APRIL 2009:
G! & Special_Kase

Ronin & Nesta
Rami HR

Hasan H


Hasan H

DJs come and go all the time. There are those who act the part, and those who fake it, and then theres Hasan. Well, perhaps it isnt so dramatic, but Hasan is as passionate as they get when it comes to his music. As a high school junior, Hasan inevitably got into DJing after throwing a huge party for his friends (no, his parents still dont know about it). He quickly started playing at private parties until 1999, when he landed his first residency for the Student Night at Champions. Setting off for Purdue University in Indiana in the year 2000, Hasan eventually became the resident DJ for his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi.

He also made frequent visits to Chicago, where he ignited his interest in its rich dance music culture. The legendary Crobar was by far one of the greatest influences on Hasans view of music and DJing. Returning to Amman (Jordan) in 2003, Hasan quickly entered the scene and scored big with a residency at Shaman, one of Ammans more upscale night spots. He flooded Shamans Blue Room with everything from funky, tribal, and progressive house to his choice cuts of trance and breakbeats. Since late 2004, Hasan has been the resident DJ at Prana, which has quickly become Ammans leading underground dance club. There, Hasan has played alongside Deep Dish, Behrouz, Danny Howells, Hisham Samawi, Sultan, David Tort, Gordon Edge,Barry Gilbey, Robert Owens, Ayah, Fady Ferraye, Andrew k, Eelke Kleijn, Pacha Ibiza residents Sarah Main and Andy B all of which have opened his eyes and given him the opportunity to sharpen his skills behind the decks.

Thanks to his Thursday night Inspiration sessions, Ammans nightlife was rejuvenated with a regular dose of the latest house, electro & progressive house music. Just recently Hasan left Prana to focus on his own productions as well as a brand new entertainment agency (NYX ENTERTAINMENT) which will focus on bringing more dj's into the country , and expose youth to the quality side of Electronic music as well as represent some of the country's top djs. Now, Hasan is keeping up with his music, churning out his own tech-edged material, and spreading his love for music that just happens to be more interesting than the average music channel. Recently he teamed up with greek artists TIM and ANDI VASILOS and have released their first release "vogue is out" under the alias "WONDERBOYS" on Bug Eyed Records on may 24th. Their second production "FIREWIRE" caught the attention of Kriece and has been signed to his infamous digital label SPINIFEX.

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